Hello Dear Ones:

If you’re here with me and the rest of this #FierceOver50 tribe, you agree that you are over 50, time is short, and your body is holding you back.

What Are We Going To Do?

You’ve gone to physical therapists and yoga. You’ve joined gyms. You’ve tried sports medicine.  Or, perhaps you were in pain (or maybe you weren’t) but you ignored your body anyway.

I’ve done all these things and sometimes they helped, but mostly they didn’t.

When did I really start to make progress, I realized 3 things:

I won’t get to where I want to go without my body.

  1. Sometimes other people have helped me learn how to heal my body, but mostly not.
  2. I’m going to have to take charge and empower myself.

But then I said bad words to myself and sunk down into the nearest chair in a sad lump of self pity.

All this seemed so hard. I hurt everywhere. I had no energy. I was tired of getting massages that only felt good for one hour afterwards.

Eventually, I figured it out. And, it felt like an epiphany. You know, like angels singing in a classical crescendo!

Take Charge of your Body,  but Start Small

First, let me say a few words about taking charge. First, a disclaimer. Yes, I often use the help of an important group of doctors, trainers, and therapists who I know and trust.

However, as I look back at my healing journey, I can see that the progress that I made was mine and mine alone.

This idea of taking charge, thought, is scary!

Taking Charge is Scary!

My body was largely a mystery to me. When it hurt, that’s all I could think about. Beyond that, it seems like waaaay too big a project to tackle.

Starting Small is What I Did!

I didn’t realize it at the time, but when I started small and learned how to care for myself, I was doing something that has a quite fancy name. And that is “micromastery.”

Micromastery? Really? 

I remember the first time I rolled my newly purchased Roll Model Method® self-massage balls across my low back and felt a wave of relief. I almost cried from the surprise and the magic.

It was something I could do for myself and it wasn’t a service that cost one hundred dollars and was not covered by insurance. Really.

And, I could achieve results, little by little. But over time, these tiny efforts added up to real, genuine, sustainable healing.

🤓Geek Warning! What is Micromastery? 🤓

A micromastery is a self-contained unit of doing, complete in itself but connected to a greater field.

Rolling a self-massage ball on your traps (as I illustrate in the video below) is a single, independent thing that you can do for 5 minutes or so.

You can do it often and you can immediately feel the result.

Your brain loves it because it promotes elasticity.

Your spirit loves it because you are taking charge and caring for yourself.

This single micromastery technique is with you forever and you can do nothing else, or you can decide to do more, learn more, heal more. It is up to you.

Micromastery: Learn Small, Learn Fast and Unlock Your Potential to Achieve Anything.Robert Twigger.  (Penguin 2017) . p.4

Does This Appeal to You?

Play the video below and experience taking charge and starting small. How does it feel? What did you learn about your body? What did you learn about your #fierceover50 life?

I’d love for you to share. Head to the comments and tell us how this rolled over you. (Ha! Ha!)

Love and Gratitude,


P.S. You can use a tennis ball, but I recommend you treat yourself like the 👑Queen 👑 that you really are. Head over to my website, click on “Buy Your Balls,” and follow the link to buy a complete starter set of Roll Model Method® self-massage balls. (They cost less than the price of one massage and they contribute immensely to taking charge and starting small.)

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