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Try out my video and tell us below how moving your upper core makes you feel. This is the first of three videos that introduce you to a very new and deeply innovative view of your core – from the inside out and from your crown to your crotch J!

Then, read on, as I tell you how this video fits into my larger framework for being fierce and over 50!

When I began really thinking about taking care of myself at age 50 (I’m 68 now!), I first paid attention to the parts of my body that hurt.

My shoulders were very loud. I heard them saying, “Fix me! RIGHT NOW!

That’s what I attempted to do. I went to yoga, which only helped temporarily. I went to physical therapy; it hardly helped at all. My shoulders kept freezing up again and again. I got shots. They definitely did not work.

Holding Myself Fiercely

 But now, I have a much broader and deeper understanding of how to get myself where I want to go. It goes much beyond fixing broken parts and asks that I take charge, like I never have before, of my feelings, my regard, my love, and my care for myself.

If you’re in the second half of your life, like me, you might have asked, “What’s next for me?” and “How do I get there?” And, if you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I ask us to hold ourselves fiercely in pursuing these desires.

And, if, like me, you were a Type A achievement junky in your first 50 years, you might now have an inkling that things must change. I got through nearly everything I did by sheer will and unstoppable persistence, and by literally driving myself through the obstacles I faced.

No more. I still have strong desires – things I want to do and an awareness of how I want to feel doing them. But I do things very differently now, than I did then. And, with profoundly better results.

Your Core and Your Feelings From the Inside Out

 When I took my first YogaTuneUp® training I was shocked (yes, shocked!) to learn that the core was not just muscles like the six-pack rectus abdominis that made me feel endless shame when I looked at my own belly.

I learned that the core is really about the breath which connects all of our muscles and connective tissue from the inside out. And this deeply internal self-sensing system not only contributes to pain when not working properly, but it also contributes to our mood, our feelings, our posture, our strength, and, to my surprise, our ability to take care of ourselves emotionally.

 This complex view of the core has given me the energy and awareness to love myself more fully and to hold myself fiercely so that I can heal and do what I want to do next.

Awaken Your Core

Here’s what you need to know: I’m planning to offer an online, six- week course called Awaken Your Core with recorded video classes and meditations that you can do in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

You can do the classes any time that works for you and check in to our private Facebook group with women who are traveling the same path you and I are. I’m planning to offer this class in late July and throughout August.

(Right now, I’m on a three-week jaunt through Europe and will get to work on this course when I get back. )

Stay tuned for my blogs over the next two weeks, in which I share videos for your mid-core (yes, belly) and low-core (hips and low back).

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