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This video asks you to use your mid-core – the area that you probably assumed was your core – by lying on your back and bicycling. Try it out and let us know how you felt during and after this brief movement practice!

In my upcoming course, Awaken Your Core, we do a lot with breathing into the mid core which allows you to connect your pelvic floor, your hips, your belly, and your low back to your breath.

When I used to push myself through the day, I frequently came home with tension headaches and neck and shoulder pain.

Sitting in Chairs for Years Did A Lot of Damage

But sitting in chairs all day wrecked my posture. I sat leaning forward over my books or my computer. My butt lost strength, my spine curved forward into a C-shape, and my shoulders hunched over.

How do you think this made me feel?  Not good. In fact, all I could do was push through my days, checking one task after another off my list. Not only was I fighting pain in my body, but I was fighting this “down in the dumps” feeling, which I couldn’t shake.

I suppose it helped that I didn’t let myself feel much of anything, because if I had, I might have given up and moved to a tropical island. But how could I do that as a single mother with two lovely children to raise?

Everything is Connected

Back then, I didn’t connect my posture and endless sitting to my desperate moods and need to push through tasks without asking myself what I was doing.

Now, I understand – and it was a flash of insight – how breathe, connective tissue, muscular strength, joint mobility, and feeling my emotions are all a part of awakening my core.

This complex view of the core has given me the energy and awareness to love myself more fully and to hold myself fiercely so that I can heal and do what I want to do next.

Awaken Your Core 

The 6-week course that I’m planning to offer in late July and August will approach your core as a deep expression of your whole body and your whole self. I will be planning to spend 2 full weeks on each area of your core — upper, mid, and lower – so you have plenty of time to practice the videos, try out the meditations, and learn about breath, strength, mobility, and feeling your feelings!

Even if you’re traveling you’ll have plenty of time to do this course. And, the videos are yours to keep.

I introduce each section with a lecture (sometimes the professor in me just won’t be quiet) and the movement videos are only 20 minutes long so you can manage to do this course and everything else in your life! 

If you didn’t see Part 1 of this three-part series, here’s the link:


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