Hello Dear Ones:

We often ignore our dear, sweet feet.

First, they are a long way from our brain, where we think that everything happens. (But it doesn’t.)

Second, we usually ignore our feet until they hurt.

I have begun to take better care of my feet both emotionally and physically. (Yes, emotionally! I’ll bet this is a totally new concept to you, but you’ll have to watch the video to find out what I’m talking about.)

When I travelled in Europe for three weeks recently, on many days I walked 25,000 steps and the technique I share with you was a life-saver. Check it out.

Also, if you like this 5 minute video, and want to take even better care of your feet, I have a course on my website called, “Support Your Feet and Ankles.” It’s only $47 and it’s about an hour long.

The good news is that it is divided into 5 sections and when you find the sections that really work for you, you can do just those. Even more important is the fact that once you have the link, you can do it on your I-Pad or your phone where ever in the world you are.

Watch the video first, and then, if you want more, I include the link for my Support Your Feet and Ankles below.



Here’s the link to buy my course:



Let me know how you feel about your feet after watching my video and caring for them differently! 


Love and Gratitude, 




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