What You Need: For this video, just find a comfortable place to sit.

Get Your Ankles Moving! 

I am lucky. I have not, as of yet, sprained my ankle. But, even before cell phones were around to distract me, I was always falling off of curbs and tripping on uneven pavement. I moved as though my feet were a distant, uncontrolled country.

The ankle is basically a hinge that forms a right angle. The ankle bone, or technically the talus bone sits beneath two vertical bones on either side of your lower leg, the tibia and the fibula. You can see this in the photo below.


Do you see the talus bone? It’s a squarish looking bone right below the two vertical bones. Interestingly, this bone has no muscles, but it is crucially important, as Gary Ward says, as the “driver of the bus.” (Ward, What the Foot? Soap Box Books, p. 113). It’s the connection between the foot and the rest of the body.Whatever direction the talus bone points, the whole body will follow.

How well does your talus hinge work? I know that mine is stiff and doesn’t move as fluidly as I like.

When I was in my Yoga Tune Up® teacher training, Jill Miller had us stand on one leg and notice what the ankle of the standing leg was doing. I had never thought about this, but my ankle was wobbling like a bobblehead. I thought that perhaps something was wrong. No, Jill Miller explained: Stability, strength, and mobility come from precisely that wobble. Honor the wobble and own it. 

Go ahead. Stop right here and stand on one foot. Notice the ankle and how it wobbles. Please speak lovingly to it and suggest that you’re going to give it more attention.

This video offers such an easy and delightful way to get your ankles moving again. This will help you prevent sprains and heal more easily. It’s so easy that you can do it while drinking a cup of coffee or tea!!

Let me know what your ankles think of these movements!

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