Hello Dear Ones:

I had been practicing yoga for about 4 years, when I developed a frozen shoulder. If you’ve had one, you know: badass pain screaming all the way down my arm with every movement.

I Thought Yoga Could Fix Everything

I was really surprised! I thought yoga could fix everything. Those classes right after work really made me feel so much better. I thought I was done with all those aches and pains and proudly patted myself on my back.

In those days, I was in “fix-it” mode. What else does a type-A professor do when something goes wrong. It’s just that the solutions I tried didn’t work.

I had been sitting at my desk for too, too long and a few shoulder-opening yoga moves couldn’t overcome the decades of sitting.

I learned two things and I want to share them with you!

  1. You must OWN your own path to healing.
  2. Pain responds best to breath before anything else.

You Must OWN Your Own Path to Healing.

I love getting massages, seeing a kick-ass chiropractor, trying out a new healing modality (like sound baths, for instance), or going to a great yoga class.

But, unless I’m really focusing on what my body needs, nothing else works.

That, my dear ones, is why I love my Roll Model Method® balls. I know, for instance, that after writing for a couple of hours, my traps will be crying for some love. I could go to a yoga class, but I could also spend 5 minutes rolling out my traps and feel great.

I can target just what I need. And, if I do go to a class, during that class I can take from it what I need, and not rely on the whole class that even a great teacher might have designed. (See the video attached to this blog.)

Pain Responds Best To Breath Before Anything Else

This was really, really hard for me to learn. I kept trying to “fix” my body: move my shoulder in new ways or try out new stretches.

What I didn’t really understand was the profound effect of stress on my muscles that came from short, tight breaths – especially if I was holding my shoulders up around my ears.

Did you ever hold a telephone headset between your ear and your shoulder? (Remember those?) I did that for hours at a time, while I talked and typed at the same time. Only now do I understand what damage I caused.

But the good news is that I have also learned how to heal that damage. I own this solution and I choose to roll out the stress and breath using my Roll Model Method® balls when and where I want to.

Healing is now in my hands and that’s where it should be! It can be in your hands as well!



Love and Gratitude,




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