What do you need to do the movement in the video? Just a spot on the floor and a spot on the wall. Just like in the video above. 


Hello Dear One:

That Low Back Pain — Aargh! 

Does your low back ever hurt? Who among us has not felt this?

Women 50 and Wiser, this video approaches back pain from a surprisingly different angle. Just look at that picture on my video and you’ll see what I mean!

Hello Adductors! 

In the video, I introduce you to your adductors, the muscles that run in a band along the inside of your legs from your groin to your knees. 

We don’t use these muscles very much and so, they become weak and tight. They can’t do their job and so other muscles, including the low back muscles have to jump in and help them out. 

Try this out. You will love it. 

On Your Back On the Floor – Heaven


Why? First, just laying on the floor like this is close to heaven when your back hurts. You can let go and release a ton of stress. 

Next, when you begin to move your legs in the way I describe, you begin to feel muscles that you might never have felt. 

Empower Yourself

You become empowered when you learn to move parts of your own body. 

Then, pain is not a mysterious curse, but something that you can begin to heal on your own. 

If that isn’t empowering I don’t know what is. 

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Love and Gratitude, 




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