Hello Dear One: 

I learned to “walk backwards” quite by accident. I was walking at a time when my low back hurt quite a bit and I was also feeling some pain at the top of my thighs as I stepped forward with each leg. 

I was on a quiet street and I don’t know why, but I turned around and took a few cautious steps backwards and was surprised to find that although I was nervous about where I was going, the pain I had felt while walking forward was gone! 

And, on top of that, the next day my butt (aka filet mignon) was sore. This taught me a lesson. My butt was weak and walking backwards could strengthen it. Yes!!!! I’m always trying to strengthen my butt because in 20 years or so, my strong butt could keep me out of a wheelchair! 

A Note of Caution: Please start slow and find a safe place to experiment with this very beneficial practice. 

Here’s what Dr. Joseph Mercola says about walking backwards: 

Ancient China

1. Said to have originated in ancient China as a way to promote good health and balance.

Less Strain on Joints and Opens Pelvis and Spine

2. It puts less strain on joints and requires smaller range of motion. And, very important for our hips, it can help with pelvic alignment, which, in turn, helps to create some space between the vertebrae in our spine. 

Strengthens Your Butt

3. Walking backwards works your hamstrings in a different way and can help increase flexibility in the hamstring area. It also helps activate your butt muscles, which are crucial to aging well — being able to get up from chairs. 

Elevates Heart Rate

4. Your heart rate will rise higher, but probably not if you go as slowly as I do! 

Engages Brain and Vision

5. Believe it or not, walking backwards stimulates your brain, keeping you mentally sharp. As such it is a “neurobic” activity. Now that’s a word I have not heard before! And it might improve your vision as well! 

(Reference:  https://fitness.mercola.com/sites/fitness/archive/2012/12/14/walking-backward.aspx)

Be safe and let us know how it goes in the comments below.


Love and Gratitude, 




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