This roll model technique for your calves will help undo damage caused by high heels.

What You Need: To roll along with me, you “knead” a Roll Model Alpha Ball or something equivalent.

If you’d like to purchase these balls, head over to the “Buy Your Balls”  page to learn more about them and find a link to purchase. I recommend the starter set.  (I am a certified Yoga Tune Up instructor and an affiliate.)

Hello Dear Ones: 

High Heels Do So Much Damage

I knew, for very many years, that high heels were not good for me — that somehow, they threw me out of alignment and made my back hurt. And, high heels squeeze the ball of my foot and my toes together causing bunions and other deformities. 

Our Bodies Are Connected From Our Head To Our Toes

But now, after studying with Jill Miller and the amazing team of Yoga Tune Up® and The Roll Model® Method teachers, I have a much better sense of the interconnected nature of our whole bodies. Our bodies are connected by a web of connective tissue called fascia from the bottoms of our feet to the top of our heads. And that connection includes the nervous system, which communicates between, say, your calves and your brain. Who knew?

Kneading Out Your Calves is an Antidote

Even the slightest heel — even 1 inch — throws your body out of alignment. You pitch forward onto the front of your feet and everything up the line gets out of whack. Your feet are already tight and cranky from being in shoes and your calves shorten up and tug on your upper thighs and hamstrings. And then, of course, the whole tight mess tugs on your low back. And so, kneading out your calves, as I demonstrate in the video, can be a crucial piece of living better in your body, whether you wear high heels or not.

Try this: Before rolling your calves, do a gentle forward fold and see how far down you can bend and notice how tight you are. Then, roll only one calf and do this forward bend test again. Finally, roll the other calf and forward bend. Because our fascial connective tissues connect throughout our entire bodies, you will most likely see a release in your low back and your hamstrings.

Please let me know what you observe about your body. Comment below!  Thank you!

Love and Gratitude,



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