What You Need:

To roll along with me, you “knead” a Coregeous ball, just one of the Roll Model Method® balls. It should be inflated to about 75-80%.  You also need an empty stomach! Do not lay on the Coregeous ball with food in your belly!

If you’d like to purchase these balls, head over to the “shop” page to learn more about them and find a link to purchase. (I am a certified Yoga Tune Up instructor and an affiliate.)

What’s Going On in YOUR Belly? 


Hello Dear One: 

 My belly is my least favorite part of my body. But, I have learned so much about this chubby center of my being  through my Yoga Tune Up® trainings that I thought I would share a few  bits of that wisdom.

This short video demonstrates how to breathe on the Coregeous ball in a way that teaches you how to expand and contract your belly against the ball.

This breathe practice does so many things:

1. Breathing on the Coregeous ball warms up your whole body.

2. Using your belly as I illustrate in the video supports your low back  by activating the transverse abdominus, a cummerbund that supports your core 360 degrees around your entire torso.

3. The belly is often referred to as the second brain — it doesn’t speak with words, but those gut instincts definitely communicate! Nerves travel from the belly to the brain and back again, so it’s a good idea to bring some awareness to this often disparaged area.

Also, this is where 80% of your seratonin lives — your feel good chemicals! 


4. Inhaling and Exhaling on the Coregeous ball wrings out your fascia, which is also known as your connective tissue. And since your body’s fascia is one completely interconnected system, the fascia you contact at your mid-center will reverberate through your entire body. 

5.  And, as Jill Miller points out, using the Coregeous ball can even move lymph and bolster your immune system. (I do this breath practice when I think I’m coming down with a cold or flu!

But, I say, kindly, in preparation, this breath practice will offer you sensations and emotions that might be entirely new to you. So, go bravely and lovingly onto that Coregeous ball.

Let me know in the comments below what you learned about YOUR belly!


Love and Gratitude, 




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