What You Need: For this video, just find a comfortable place to sit.

When Your Brain Takes Over

We talk a lot about self-care — getting our nails done, getting a massage, going to a spa for a day or a week — but in all of these situations we turn our self care over to somebody else.

Now listen, I do all these things and I love them. Don’t stop. But, as they say in those annoying infomercials, THERE’S MORE!

I doubt that you’re surprised to hear that from me. There’s a kind of self-care in which you take responsibility for your own healing and in which you access and rely on your own inner wisdom.

For many years, I had no idea that I had access to this powerful inner realm. But I found myself in situations when doctors couldn’t help and nothing stopped excruciating, mind-numbing physical pain. Yes, at those desperate moments your call on your creator for help, or at least a miracle, even a little bitty one.

We are told that we are divine in essence and that’s where I’m going. Yes, you are always working in partnership with your creator. Your work is to learn how to go inside, how to empower yourself as you enter deep states of relaxation, and how to be intentional about this activity. 

For years, I did not have this ability. My chattering brain ran the show and I suffered because of it. Learning to come inside and relax deeply gives you the ability to be a self-whisperer — to gently and compassionately connect with your inner wisdom. This is the path to deep healing. Please try the process I offer here. It’s all about connecting your head to your heart. It’s worth it. I promise.

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