What You Need: To roll along with me, you “knead” two small toted original Roll Model Method® balls.

If you’d like to purchase these balls, head over to the “shop” page to learn more about them and find a link to purchase. (I am a certified Yoga Tune Up instructor and an affiliate.)

Hello Dear One:

Where Shoulder Pain Starts

I can’t easily see my upper back. Can you see yours? What happens there is often a mystery to me.

Except, that is, for the knots and trigger points that live there. I can feel them between my shoulder blades, as I unsuccessfully try to reach ​back there to  to massage that unreachable spot. Aargh!

I have come to understand that my whole back was a body blind spot.  And, finally, after years of waking up with tension headaches, I learned that those tight muscles in my neck actually began a good bit further down my back.

My chronic slouch, leaning forward over computer keyboards and books didn’t help. This forward leaning posture, and holding onto all this stress and worry, landed in my upper back. My body, as we say, was “keeping the score.” I had no idea how much tension I was holding in this area. But when I breathe — inhaling and exhaling through my nose – and focusing on letting go in my upper back as I roll these balls, the results are magical.

Yes, let me say that again. My breath (and yours, too) is magical. And the combination of rolling and breathing allows me to escort tension out of my body in a way that I had never before experienced.

I’m planning a more comprehensive course that will respond to the “911” also known as our shoulders! Let me know how this roll out works for you and what special issues you have with your shoulders.

Love and Gratitude, 




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