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Unshackle Your Stress and Reclaim Your Life

A 90-minute Online Masterclass

If you are #FierceOver5o like me (and I am nearly 70) you have been holding onto stress all your life and now, here we are in the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic, which creates even more stress.

We FireceOver50 women are told that reducing stress is crucial to our health and longevity. And simple stress reduction exercises, such as meditation, are frequently offered as a solution. When they don’t work, we feel as though we have


I designed this 3-step masterclass from a different point of view. In Step 1, we explore what “Me Time” could look like for each of us. In Step 2, we take a peek under the hood of stress in our bodies. And, in Step 3, we practice and evaluate some simple and accessible practices that can be done while in your car, on the computer, or anywhere on the go. It has been a challenge to learn this lesson myself and I have kept my own journey in mind as I designed this class for you.

Head, Shoulders, Body, and Toes: Grab the Whole Bundle

Your body, mind, and soul work together and taking advantage of this special offer to get all four courses and workshops will create a whole new you from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. You’ll feel it daily as you take charge of your own self-care.

De-Stress Your Head and Your Mind

This course is perfect for you if you feel like the voice in your head runs the show. You have trouble meditating and you would like to slow things down.

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Healing Movement For Body and Soul

Sometimes we are overwhelmed with absolutely everything in our lives. Is this you? At times like these, it is very helpful to move, and breathe, and repeat a healing mantra.

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Re-Hab Your Shoulders

If you suffer from tension headaches, or, at the end of a long-day, your neck and shoulders are crying out for relief, this workshop is for you.

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Support for Your Feet and Ankles

Are you just beginning to realize that your feet need more attention than you’ve been giving them? Perhaps you’ve stopped wearing high heels most of the time, but your feet still hurt and you know they need some love and care.

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Yoga Tune Up Balls® for Massaging Away Your Pain

I am trained and certified in the Roll Model Method® and use these balls in most of my workshops. Click here for a video explaining why these balls are so important and for my affiliate link to purchase.

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What My Students Say:

“You have compassion and passion in your voice for what you do; it is clear that you believe in what you are teaching and that you care about our success and satisfaction with your lessons. Your sequencing and explanations make the practice practical and accessible. After taking this workshop, my shoulder pain went away; hip and low back pain went away. And, I know how to better use the Tune Up balls when needed.”
Judy Zeal

“You are gentle, reassuring, forgiving, and encouraging. I love having these “private” sessions with you three days a week! This was just what I needed to get back on track!
Liz Smith

“Your ability to share and be vulnerable was so authentic and comfortable.”
Shari Greenberg


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